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POP vs. IMAP settings

Some email software requires you to choose between POP/POP3 and IMAP protocol settings. As a rule of thumb, you should always choose IMAP if you're planning to set up your email address on multiple devices (e.g. home computer, iPad and a smartphone). This ensures that all of your devices will get a copy of every email you receive.

A computer or device using POP protocol for an email account will often download emails from the mail server and then not leave a copy for other emails to download. For example, this means that once an email is downloaded to your desktop computer, you can't download another copy on your smartphone.

Some email clients may have an additional setting to make POP accounts leave a copy of emails on the mail server, but this is not always the case.


Port settings

This is meant as a guide only. Please contact your email provider if these settings don't work for you.

SSL Encrypted ports (recommended for Hosted Exchange)










Unencrypted ports

These settings don't use SSL encryption, but they can be useful during email troubleshooting.










Email servers for other providers

If you have an W3 Networks Group mailbox, but your internet connection is with a non-W3 Networks Group provider, you’ll need to set the incoming mail server as listed above in order to receive email. To send emails, you’ll need to either:

A) Recommended: Set your W3 Networks Group outgoing mail server (listed above) with port 587 and ensure that outgoing authentication is enabled, using the username and password for your W3 Networks Group email account. This is a more 'permanent' solution that should prevent you needing to adjust your settings if you have multiple internet service providers. Alternatively, simply log in to webmail.

B) Set your internet service provider's outgoing mail server (listed below), with port 25 and outgoing authentication disabled (unless noted below).


Internet Service Provider Outgoing (SMTP) mail server



Blink Internet

Club Telco



Hotkey Internet




Pacific Internet



People Telecom (WA), (NSW), (VIC), (QLD) (SA & NT)


Three Mobile

Virgin Broadband

Virgin Mobile



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