W3 Networks delivers 5G internet access at up to 10x the speed of our competitors.

We’re faster because we run on fibre optic cable to your local base stations. From there, we transmit via high speed wireless for the last mile.

Since opening our first base station in 2007, we have grown to own a network of 48 stations across Western Sydney and the South and Central Coasts.

To see if you can save money on your internet access, call one of our helpful team on 1300 739 288.

Residential Plans

  • Super Fast Internet
  • Voice Over IP
  • IPTV
  • Bundles

More bandwidth for less & other cost saving ideas. Plans start from $59.95/month! Learn More!

Business Plans

  • Fixed Wireless Network
  • Industry Specific Solutions
  • Network Diversity

Find Out How W3Networks Can Help Your Business.  Super affordable, all of which can be scaled as your business grows.  Learn More!

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